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Quality gear - head to toe - for all seasons

We can fit you

We can fit you

We can fit you whatever your body shape.

Motorcycle gear is notorious for alot of disparity in sizes.

For example an XL in one brand of jacket doesn't mean you'll fit the XL in a different brand.

This also goes for styles of jacket that can be made by the same house.

It is all about body shape and whats right for you.

Forget the size - body measurements are key!

Kickstand Hunterville has moved!

Kickstand Hunterville has moved!
Now a Fitting Service by appointment

hunterville dog statue with dogs

Hunterville - In the Middle of Everywhere.

A fantastic country village on State Highway 1 in the Rangitikei district.

Kickstand Hunterville has moved to Working from Home. Shop online or make an appointment for a fitting. get-in-touch Just down the road from the village still on State Highway 1. Plenty of parking in a private location.