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Hunterville - In the Middle of Everywhere.

A fantastic country village on State Highway 1 in the Rangitikei district.

Kickstand Hunterville retail shop is right on the Highway neighboured either side by a fuel station and a cafe. Plenty of parking overlooking your bike.

Have a coffee, take advantage of the outdoor seating so you don't have to take it all off & come have a browse through the shop.


Hunterville has plenty of parking on both sides of the Highway.

When you visit the shop you are welcome to park your motorbike on our Forecourt.

With your bike so handy you can seat it for your riding styles best fit.

We can fit you

We can fit you

We can fit you whatever your body shape.

Motorcycle gear is notorious for alot of disparity in sizes.

For example an XL in one brand of jacket doesn't mean you'll fit the XL in a different brand.

This also goes for styles of jacket that can be made by the same house.

It is all about body shape and whats right for you.

Forget the size - body measurements are key!